Concert Production

  • Building

community by presenting music in traditional and non-traditional venues

  • Providing

assistance by producing events in a professional way that fits all budgets.

  • Acting

as event liaison with your personnel or our own.

  • Partnering

with other organizations to produce live events

  • Assisting

established venues with plans to attract new audiences.

  • Producing

virtual concerts using streaming software.

Publicity, Promotion, and Consultation

  • Writing

clear and engaging bios of varying lengths to best highlight your strengths.

  • Helping

artists compile and organize necessary promotional materials for distribution.

  • Creating

one-sheets specific to album or single release.

  • Generating

buzz with individually tailored promotional plans.

  • Mentoring

artists to come up with an overall plan for their music career.

  • Assisting

venues who are contemplating presenting live music.

  • Advancing

and planning tour logistics so artists don’t have to.

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