Success! Harbortown Music’s First Virtual Showcase

The NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance) conference was a great success. Over 600 attended and everyone affiliated with the virtual event experienced a joyful space where we could all get together!

Stay tuned for excerpts from our showcase!

Tonight’s the Night!

Have you ever been to a music conference? If you’re a music lover and have never been to one, you’re missing out! Not only are conferences like NERFA great places to network and learn about the music business and meet lots of like-minded people, but you get to experience live music for an entire weekend. Not much sleeping goes on, that’s for sure.

This year NERFA is virtual. There’s still time to purchase tickets to see and hear all the great panels, keynote speeches, and showcases. Just got to Programming is available in the archives after it has taken place live.

Harbortown Music’s showcase begins tonight at 10:00 pm. These are the times that our performers will take our virtual stage.

10:03: Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes
10:18: Nina de Vitry
10:38: Jim Trick
10:58: Big Little Lions
11:17: Rigby Summer
11:37: Kyle Hancharick
11:54: Matt Marshak
12:03: Marion Hálliday
12:22: Sam Robbins

Harbortown Music Presents at NERFA!

Harbortown Music will present a virtual guerilla showcase on Friday, November 12. We have chosen nine exceptional acts to perform in our first ever showcase.

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