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Harbortown Music is all about bringing attention to independent musicians. Our intention is to promote and present quality music by building community and providing resources for promotion — enabling artists to become the best versions of themselves.

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Kathy Sands-Boehmer

Chief Innovator and Merry-Maker

I am an enthusiastic and tireless presenter, promoter, and supporter of independent musicians. My extensive background in publishing enables me to bring my writing, critical thinking, communication skills, and creativity to every project.

  • Booked and promoted artists, new and old, at the me&thee, a well-respected 225-seat venue for over 20 years
  • Managed all publicity and social media including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other related sites
  • Conducted hundreds of interviews to create industry buzz for musicians on my blog Everything Sundry and other music sites
  • Mentored, coached, promoted, and booked gigs across the country for a variety of artists
  • Served as a member of the board of NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance) for nine years.
  • Served as a member, including President, of BACHA (Boston Area Coffeehouse Association) for over 20 years.

I’ve worked with Kathy for many years. Kathy has worked in booking/managing artists that have played at Club Passim and is a fellow concert-promoter, so we have also coordinated bookings between our venues. I have the utmost respect for Kathy as a motivated and detail-oriented person who also keeps the big picture in mind. She looks out for the artists as well as the venues and organizations in order to keep healthy relationships all around. She is both professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Matt Smith, Executive Director, Club Passim

Speaking as another person who has dedicated many years to creating opportunities for independent musicians in the Northeast, Kathy has long been my sounding board, my cheerleader and my co-strategist. Her professional skill, warmth and good judgement are a tremendous gift to the organizations and artists she cares for. She has been instrumental in launching the careers of several artists, created hundreds of performance opportunities for musicians, and contributed in a leadership role to building the professional network needed for independent music to thrive. 

— Sarah Craig, Executive Director, Caffe Lena

For anyone who would like to engage the services of a highly competent, creative, personable professional, with both great management and people skills, Kathy is the person. Kathy is focused, persistent and a big picture person, all things that have stood out in my working with her over many years. She understands the value of doing what one says they are going to do. She’s a pro.

— Jim Fleming, Founder and Chairman, Fleming Artists

Stephen Bach

Director of Wow and Sizzle

Stephen’s life has been transformed through music. After playing for many years as a teen, he pretty much stopped playing until age 50. At age 60, he started seriously playing and writing again. After striking up a friendship with Kathy Sands-Boehmer, he got introduced and saw dozens and dozens of incredible acts through a local venue. During the last six years, he’s invested heavily in a bunch of Kickstarter campaigns, supported several artists on Patreon, and tries to be the best Super Fan he can. 

During the pandemic, Kathy and Stephen teamed up to produce monthly streaming shows from artists around the country, supporting performers the best they could. As a computer pro running The Digital Docs in Marblehead, Massachusetts, he is able to use his tech knowledge to the fullest.

Being a computer professional for almost 20 years has allowed him to dive deeply into the very best practices for computer use in the music industry, and optimizing live streaming that really represents an artist’s best side.

Meghan Boehmer

Renaissance Tinkerer and Continent Explorer

Meghan Boehmer grew up with a love of music of all kinds. She is an intrepid assistant and cheerleader. Her “can do” spirit is inspirational and her troubleshooting skills are impeccable. She often moderates our chats and social media and functions as our resident web and graphic designer.

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